OCLS is shutting down

Below is an e-mail sent to the OCLS community on May 19, 2023. We want to emphasize that although the charity has been unable to find sufficient interest and people to maintain it’s operations Chinese educational programming will continue to be available and provided by the OCDSB’s International Languages Program.

The Ottawa Chinese Language School (OCLS) is shutting down

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(一)過去您曾經是渥太華中文學校(Ottawa Chinese Language School)校董會成員之一 (現稱董事);或
中文學校董事會很遺憾地要告訴您,渥太華中文學校(OCLS) ~ 一個在過去五十多年參與中文教育的非營利機構,正處於解散過程中。
在過去幾年裡,我們奮力重新建立組織的管理架構,及評估現有的基金資產來確定中文學校是否可以繼續運作。雖然中文學校教育儲備基金有大約二十萬加元($214,000)但法律顧問堅持這筆基金只能運用於與中國語言和文化有關的教育活動,並不能用於任何機構運營或基礎設施費用。此外,董事會目前僅得三名成員參與,至今未能成功獲得更多及足夠校內或社區的支持, 一起繼續經營中文學校,為學生提供教學及舉辦文化活動。因此,經過多次與社區內其他成員商討,中文學校被確定為一個不再具有可持續性的非營利機構。








Hello everyone,

You are receiving this email because you may have been a past board member, volunteer, or were involved with the Ottawa Chinese Language School (OCLS). As a courtesy, we are letting you know that after more than 50 years of operation, OCLS is sadly in the process of shutting down.

A lot of effort was spent over the last few years to re-establish the organization’s governance structure and assess whether OCLS could continue operating.  Although there is approximately $214,000 in the Education Reserve Fund, legal counsel has advised that the fund may only be used for educational activities related to Chinese language and culture, and not for any operational or infrastructure costs. In addition, the Board, currently consisting of three members, was unsuccessful in getting sufficient community involvement to run OCLS‘s operations and/or cultural activities. As such, it was decided that the charity is no longer sustainable.

For more information, here are some links to previous discussions and outcomes with community members:



The remaining funds will be donated to one or more charities, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), that have a similar vision and mission of promoting the Chinese language and culture to children. We are currently reviewing the CRA’s Charity Listing and we will keep you posted on our decision.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested in this information.

If you have any questions please contact office@ocls-ottawa.ca

Thank you for your time,

OCLS Board